Hi there this is Erick Vallejos the MC for this game of Monsterhearts. This is one of a few “out of character” (aka OOC) posts for this game. This portal will be used to help players and outside readers look into our monthly game of Monsterhearts by Joe Mcdaldno (now Avery Mcdaldno). A game about teenage monsters trying to cope with a (possibly) more monstrous human world, in this case Hoisington, KS.

In 2001 Hoisington was hit by a F4 level tornado that ripped through a third of the town. That night Hoisington High School was holding their Senior Prom when all the students and faculty were told to go into the basement and wait out the night. Amongst the destruction, little things seemed to have been saved: a picture of a family, a pitcher of water in a wall-less kitchen, a copy of Twister that landed on someone’s bed. There was only one fatality.

Fifteen years later, Hoisington will be planning to celebrating the 15th anniversary of surviving this event. The players are all underclass (Freshmen & Sophomores) students at Hoisington High School, where mysterious things will begin to happen. How will our teenage monsters deal with the world around them and suppress (or possibly revel) their monsterous desires?

NOTE: This game is not related to the city of Hoisington. Anything on this site is a work of fiction that takes place and uses the history of the city of Hoisington as a place. All of the characters and people in this game do not reflect upon real people and the things said in the game about various areas/places in Hoisington do not reflect upon those real places. This is just a game after all…

The Monsterhearts of Cheyenne Bottoms