The Monsterhearts of Cheyenne Bottoms

Previously On Monsterhearts...
Session 1: After the Winter Break

January 5, 2016

Everyone gets ready for school:
Morrigan Mortimer just leaves her home as her Mom sleeps after her night shift at the Tap Room.
Aiden Standish and his brother Mason Standish are told by their caretaker, Mrs. Hudgens, that he needs to see Aiden after school.
Lilith Ravenwolf had to deal with her father, Ross’ antics in the kitchen, leading her to leave the house without a proper breakfast. Although he promised her that he’ll get her something to eat.
Ophelia Laveau was doing…something that caused her to miss half of the first day of the second semester.
Rufus Black made a nice crepe breakfast for him and his roommates. After finishing he rushed out the door only to bump into Mason…

At that point Mason began to be a bit more aggressive towards Rufus, something that Aiden has noticed that Mason would rarely ever do. Aiden was able to talk Mason down from hurting Rufus, one of Aiden’s fellow monster-slayers. Ever since their trip back from the woods for their survival session, Mason has been acting strangely…

Morrigan has been trying to deal with her change into becoming a ghoul by avoiding her friends Cedric Jenkins, Janice Winston, and Elizabeth Grove. After witnessing the little scuffle between Aiden, Rufus, and Mason; she moved a bit faster only to be confronted at school by Mason and force her to help him talk to Elizabeth. She only agreed to help when he taunted that he knew about her change. This lead her to speak with Elizabeth and attempt to speak to Mason as her in order to lure him somewhere after school.

Lilith got closer to Daniel Woods while walking to school, he asked her out to the movies and they were getting closer together until her father showed up with breakfast and ruining the mood. She stood up to her father and he allowed the two to go to the movies. At the front door of the school, Daniel gave Lilith a little peck on the cheek and rushed off to the classroom. At lunch she tried to get closer to him, only to discover that she may have been a bit too forward too quickly. As she ran into the restroom to cry, she bumped into Janice. The two got into an altercation for the rumor that Lilith passed along that Janice has been abusing drugs. She was only saved by Ophelia’s intervention into the situation. Lilith confined in Ophelia that she and Daniel might be having some problems and made Tina promise to keep it a secret.

Rufus had to deal with Zach Conner and Draco Romero and the revelation that Rufus may have seen more of his roommate Daphne Drake than Zach & Draco had ever thought. Rufus shut down that conversation rather quickly.

Aiden’s pains are getting worse and has come to Z for some painkillers. However Z didn’t have anymore and talked Aiden into breaking into one of the houses to get them himself.

Ophelia discovered that someone has messed with her desk by etching in the words “Whore” and “Slut”. She decided to take something of value from Janice or Elizabeth.

Once everyone gets back from lunch, their homeroom teacher, Mr. Gardner, announced that Arthur Campbell has gone missing from the hospital room he was recuperating in.


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